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26 May 2010 @ 02:34 pm

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kpopfickink is an anonymous kink meme opening May 28, 2010

*posted with permission from padmik
21 May 2010 @ 12:50 pm


Writing community for an OT3 Big Bang Challenge! Sign up with your favourite OT3, OT4, or OT-anything-above-2. Rather than make it a contest or a competition, it's more of a support group for OT3 writers across Kpop fandom to encourage longfic. No stress, no pressure, flexible deadlines, lots of cheering and handholding, and wild spazzing over your OT3 is highly encouraged! Come by and sign up here if you're interested, and feel free to ask questions.

*posted with permission from padmik
21 February 2010 @ 09:51 pm

Noc Noctis invites you to South Korea; year 2032. Here you will walk amongst the creatures of myths. The societies are being divided into three sectors. Vampires, Lycans, and Humans. As all three battle for dominance over Earth, chaos cannot be avoided. No matter which side you chose, the choice is to live or die. Let the game begin.

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With talgi_uyu Permission
17 April 2009 @ 03:35 pm

Vampires. They're everywhere around us, but they live just as normal a life as you do. They go to school, they have jobs, they walk around in broad daylight. They're not the same blood sucking creatures that they've been portrayed as; years of evolution have allowed for them as go into the sunlight, however they're still affected by vampire's average vexes: garlic, crosses and decapitation. But they still act just like normal people.

There are three leaders of the main vampire clans in Seoul: Jung Yunho, Kim Kibum, and Choi Seunghyun. Each are known for their different opinions about vampires and humans, and how things should be run. First is Jung Yunho, the nicer of the three who is more welcoming of people entering his clan. After him there is Kim Kibum, a more quiet leader who tends to keep his emotions in and generally doesn't bother with other people. Lastly there is Choi Seunghyun who seems very cold and doesn't talk much, yet he holds a soft spot for a few of his sires.

And then there are the humans. Some don't know of the vampires living amongst them, but some do. Like most people normally would, they try to avoid them. But there are the few who stray, the ones who find interest in these supposed creatures of the night.

But more importantly, how will you fall into all of this?
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